Small Cool Extras: Miwa + Kevin's Pop-Up Mansion

Name: Miwa + Kevin
Location: Greenwich Village, NY
Size & Type: 380 sf 1 Bedroom for couple, cat and robot dog

Favorite resource: Greene St., Soho

Pitch: Moving two apartments into one is a big challenge. Simple things like the placement of the cat's litter box, or where to store the big rice cooker become major design decisions...

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Pitch Cont'd: Our apartment has no space for a formal dinning table, so I designed and fabricated a coffee/dining table. It utilizes a pop-up hinge mechanism to extend and retract when needed.

I created a yellow accent wall in the bed room, which displays hand-made, small scale objects. This acts as a pseudo headboard, and adds a sense of depth to the apartment when viewing the bright color from the living room.

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Your favorite element: My favorite element(s) is the series of furniture pieces (three pieces) in our living room, which I designed and fabricated. The really helps to tie the room together.

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