Small Cool Extra: Thryn & Gabe's Thrifty, Eclectic Mix

Name: Thryn & Gabe
Location: Baltimore, MD
Size & Type: 630 sf Studio

Favorite resource: Used furniture/antique stores: re-using old things is better for the environment!

Pitch: Our apartment doesn’t have a bedroom, just one large room that we need to function as a bedroom, office, and living room with space for small art and design projects. So we built a partition to separate the “bedroom” and give us some privacy, and use the couch as a divider between the living room and office/studio...

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Pitch Cont'd: We incorporate a lot of thrift store finds and hand-me-down furniture with new things and a handful of vintage and antique items to create an eclectic mix of new and old that reflects what we like and feels like home to us.

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Your favorite element: Our favorite element is how we use antique crates for things like bookshelves and a side table for their modular flexibility.

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