Small Cool Extra: Laure's East Village Home

Small Cool Extra: Laure's East Village Home

Maxwell Ryan
May 11, 2007

Name: Laure
Location: East Village, NYC
Size & Type: 385 sf Studio

Favorite resource: Room and Board, Target, and Home Goods

Pitch: My apartment is cool because I can throw a party for 50 people, cook a cozy dinner for 3 of my closest friends, retreat to my "bedroom" at a moment's notice, and "hide" all my belongings to create my own personal zen atmosphere.

Pitch Cont'd: My turquoise and brown theme keep the look neutral and relaxing, and the turquoise shades add a Laure touch of color. My bare feet love the comfort of my Target shag rug. The main reason my apartment is cool, is because it's all mine and it's just the way I like it.

Your favorite element: My kitchen table – I can fit 4 or 5 people and I love to have dinner parties…in a NYC studio that is the ultimate luxury!

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