Nursery Semi-Finalist #1 - June's Bold and Beautiful Room

Nursery Semi-Finalist #1 - June's Bold and Beautiful Room

Janel Laban
May 14, 2007

Here is the first of our 6 semifinalists showing off new photos of the favorite nurseries as determined by the readers votes during the first part of our contest. Our 4 judges are making the final decisions, but your comments and support can help them out...

Name: Mirjam and Paulus
Child's Name and Age: June, 3-1/2 years
Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Size: house 475 sf over 3 floors; 42 sf bedroom

Favorite other nursery from the contest:
'Josephs lantern festival' I liked the lanterns and artwork a lot and the fact that the lanterns were the colorful inspiration for the rest of the room. I also relate to starting with things that are special to you and let the room grow while the child reveals itself to you. I loved how the things from their own childhood, like the nursing chair from the mom's nursery and their own toys were incorperated in the room. To me it has a nice natural balance between style and personality.

More photos below the jump...

What's next on your nursery to-do list?

We want to make a long playtable for her along the white wall with storage space above it for her toys and draw & craft stuff. I've got 3 old small cupboards in roughly the same size, but different styles, which I want to paint in one colour and hang next to each other above the new playtable. The changing table will have to go then!

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