Small Cool Party: Thanks!

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Hooray for the Midwest Finalists!
Thanks to everyone who joined us last night for the Small Cool party - it was great to be able to celebrate the wrap up of our annual contest with all of you. We were so happy to meet three of our Midwest finalists - Suzi, Stephanie and Lisa...
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...who were there for the big announcement by Maxwell (posts coming soon!).

A few familiar faces from the new AT Presents book were also in attendance - thanks to Melissa, Matt, Dave, Dana, Marilyn, Peter and Jessica!

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We'd like to thank Jan Parr, our Chicago judge, for all the deliberations and for joining us last night.

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Big thanks to everyone from Room and Board for being such super hosts.

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And finally, thanks to all of the readers, old and new, who came out for the party.

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