Small Cool: The Finalists!

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The ballots are in! Our talented (and lovely!) judges, Amy Preiser (Senior Digital Editor at Hearst Design Group for Elle Decor, House Beautiful and Veranda), and Patrick J. Hamilton (Designer, and our first ever Small Cool contest winner), voted on your choices for the top 5 homes in each of our divisions. After counting their votes and (triple!) checking my tallies, I'm excited to share the division winners and finalists for the smallest coolest home of 2014. Check them out, congratulate them on their division win and then click on through to the main contest page to vote for the home you think should be the Grand Prize winner for 2014...

Teeny Tiny Division Finalist: Tiffany & Allan's Ship Captain's Studio
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Size: 350 square feet

What our judges had to say about Tiffany & Allan's small cool home:

Amy Preiser: How on earth does Tiffany and Allan’s ship captain’s studio seem so spacious at such a small footprint? Maybe it’s the fiercely crisp white walls, the well-placed curtains throughout, or just the sheer brilliance of how it all comes together.

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Tiny Division Finalist: Juan Pedro's Making It His Own
Location: Alexandria, Virginia
Size: 560 square feet
What our judges had to say about Juan Pedro's small cool home:
Patrick Hamilton: Wow! “The Houseplant Category”! Slow and steady wins the race! A great example of smart choices made over time. But he really had me at the bedroom. So to speak.
Little Division Finalist: Alberto's Landmark Style
Location: Dallas, Texas
Size 800 square feet
What our judges had to say about Alberto's small cool home:
Patrick Hamilton: Great choices all around, keeping Alberto cool as a cucumber in the Texas swelter. I’m a fan!

Small Division Finalist: Emily's Stylish Small Home
Location: Covington, Kentucky
Size: 900 square feet

What our judges had to say about Emily's small cool home:
Amy Preiser: Another homeowner I’m wishing I was friends with – mainly so I could borrow her accessories or just Skype her while furniture shopping. Killer patterns throughout, ballsy wall color and wallpaper choices, and art that feels personal yet really chic and on point. Emily, call me!
Thanks again to our judges! Congratulations and good luck to our finalists! May the smallest, coolest home win!

(Image credits: Henry Chen; Via Amy Preiser; Tillett Wright, Self-Evident Truths Project)

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