1. Mixing Living and Dining

The interiors designed by Phoebe Howard aren't generally in small homes. In fact, they're pretty opulent, large spaces. But, looking through her portfolio, we saw a few small home ideas to steal from these "less"-than-small homes:

1. Mixing Living and Dining: Seating at the dining table is provided by a mix of upholstered settee and dining chairs. The mix is taken even further with a side table and table lamp. We can imagine doing this in a space where there isn't space for sharp distinction between living and dining.

2. Openness in the Kitchen: Reflective open shelves and a mirror over the sink keep the kitchen feeling open, which can be important for a small space. Plus, the reflective surfaces bounce light and motion around, adding depth to the room.

3. Infinity Mirrors: Placed opposite one another, mirrors will create an effect of endless space — almost like a view through a very long room. We think it adds a bit of architectural character and, of course, repetition.

4. Minimize Borders: The monotone coloring of this beautiful bedroom takes the emphasis away from constraining borders. Doing this in a small room calms the eye and keeps things from getting too busy.

5. Mirrors again!: The use of mirror in this cabinet's doors is an awesome way to make a small space open up. Almost looks like a window with the beautiful scroll work in front of it.

Need more inspiration from Phoebe Howard? See PhoebeHoward.net.