Small Kitchen Designs: 10 Organized, Efficient and Tiny Real-Life Kitchens

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Every room improves with organization, but kitchens with limited space especially can benefit from the efficiency added by hooks, racks, and shelves. Here are 10 examples that make each inch count.

Maybe it's just the city living talking, but I get a little exasperated when house hunters on HGTV shows start saying that a perfectly nice kitchen with, say, 20 cabinets isn't big enough. Or when a magazine passes off a kitchen with a four-person table as small.

If the kitchens of popular bloggers David Lebovitz and Deb of Smitten Kitchen set any example, it's that a tiny space can be made efficient enough for even a food whiz. Lebovitz uses every surface in his typically small Parisian cuisine (Image 10), and Deb does all her baking in a half-size oven (Image 9).

To find space-saving solutions and quick updates for your kitchen, check out Deb's suggestions for maxing out your space and Leah's tips for small changes that can make a big difference.

Images: 1. Jessica Watson for Apartment Therapy 2. Eric Piasecki for House Beautiful 3. Freunde von Freunden 4. Jill Slater for The Kitchn 5. Celine Kim for Design*Sponge 6. Leah Moss for Apartment Therapy 7. Apartment Therapy 8. Apartment Therapy 9. Smitten Kitchen 10. Kristin Hohenade for The Kitchn

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