Small Kitchen (in a Drawer!): Electrolux Concept

Small Kitchen (in a Drawer!): Electrolux Concept

Trent Johnson
Sep 15, 2008

This kitchen concept, designed by Nojae Park for the annual Electrolux Design Lab Competition, would be a great addition for a tiny house like the Weehouse or DWR's Kithaus.

In addition to tiny minimal houses, that might otherwise not get a "kitchen," this might also be great in a dorm. One big problem however is that it lacks proper ventilation. Placing the unit near a window with fan might work.

The concept separates the cooling compartment from the stove top with a small storage space. While this might not prove large enough for the majority of us, for those living in 400 square feet (or less) might appreciate the space savings.

And the best part? When it's not in use, it slides into it's compact form and can roll out-of-sight.

via Yanko Design via Treehugger

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