Small Space Lessons: Floorplan and Solutions from Hani & Andrew's Organic Modern Home

Hani & Andrew's 440 square feet home from the Small Cool Contest in 2013 is essential one large rectangular room, but they've skillfully divided it in a way that makes for distinct living areas, and even allows them to host dinner parties for up to 12 people!

Sometimes built-in shelving is the answer, especially for a small space, and Hani and Andrew have utilized two units, one facing the other in the hall leading into their kitchen. One holds books and other functional items for the living room, the other holds pantry items for the dining and kitchen area.

Since they often host brunches and dinner parties, they made the decision to add Kalon Studio’s Unit 2 shelving to their kitchen wall to save room on the kitchen counters and make space for a dining set that can pull out and fit 12 people. For extra seating, their living room side tables can double as stools, the coffee table doubles as a bench, and they bring in their chairs from the balcony.

They also decided to use the Unit 2 shelving next to the bed instead of a standing nightstand. The shelving holds their laptops, alarm clocks and other bedside necessities without taking up any more floor space.

Their use of prints on the wall makes the whole space feel cohesive, but adding a rug for the living room separates that space from the bedroom and creates a distinct area. Using lamps with a simple and modern design doesn't take up any visual space, and their selection of furniture, like a raised bed and futon, as well as a narrow coffee table, gives their home an airy and spacious look.

(Image credits: Apartment Therapy)