Small Space Alternative: Kneeling Desk

Small Space Alternative: Kneeling Desk

Julienne Lin
Mar 2, 2012

While flipping through a Dwell issue, we came across a home featured with an upstairs attic turned home office. Their small space solution for a desk was a kneeling desk

We instantly became interested in the kneeling desk because it makes us think of the Japanese Seiza bench and desk setup. We've seen a couple kneeling desk setups and they vary but have the same basics. Back in college I visited a friend's apartment and his kneeling desk setup was quite interesting. The floor was covered with wrestling mats from his earlier days on his school's wrestling team and his desk, which was about a couple inches shorter than a coffee table, was placed on top, with a cushion in front for a seat. You can really make a kneeling desk out of whatever pieces of furniture you want.

Here are some choices of desks and poufs or floor pillows you can use to create a kneeling desk setup on your own:

Desk Options

Scando Coffee Table: My sister has this coffee table in her apartment and when I visited we used it as a coffee table of course, but also as a dining table to sit on the floor and eat or even to work on our laptops. Multifunctional pieces of furniture are always a good idea in small spaces, and this Scando coffee table is a beautifully designed piece that works for many uses, including a kneeling desk.

Mealbox: Mealbox is a Japanese style dining table that can be put away into a box, including all the stools. How's that for space saving? Mealbox can be used as a kneeling desk for one person, but can also be used for up to four if needed. It's a good spot for a study hall session and then clear off the table for dinner afterwards.

Klubbo: If you just want to stick to an extremely simple one-person solution, you can also try one of IKEA's coffee tables. I like the one's with an ash veneer. You can easily use these as coffee tables, small desks or nightstands.

Seat Options

There are so many floor cushions and color poufs to choose from. Here are three of our favorites.

Found Battani Pouf

Benitez Floor Cusion

Blockprint Chartreuse Floor Pillow

(Images: 1. West Elm, 2. DesignPublic, 3. Igland Design, 4. IKEA, 5. West Elm, 6. Anthropologie, 7. CB2)

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