Small Space Lessons from a John Pawson-Designed Yacht Bedroom

Do you have a small bedroom or a cramped studio apartment? Small space inspiration for the bedroom can come from unexpected places. It can be gleaned from those who live at sea, for example. Take a look at this bedroom on a yacht designed by none other than the minimalist John Pawson:

Some cues we see here for help with small bedrooms or studio apartments:

  • Floating furniture keeps the floor open in one expanse instead of being broken up by legs everywhere.
  • A built-in sofa niche combines a seating area with the bedroom area while retaining a sense of separation.
  • Lighting is kept up off the bedside table to make a little more space on the tabletop.
  • The walls are not only light, they're reflective. Bouncing light around can enliven and enlarge a small space.

See more of this yacht's small space inspiration for other rooms of the home at Elle Decor.

(Image: William Waldron/Elle Decor)

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