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Oprah Magazine recently covered a great story of a couple who living in a small apartment. The couple was featured because they created clever and interesting ways to make their small space not seem so small. Take a look at some of their advice, after the jump!

• Fake soaring ceilings. Rooms seem taller when the walls and ceiling are painted a continuous color. Here, an airy white shade camouflages the living area's decidedly un-loftlike 8-foot-6-inch height—especially when contrasted with the dark floor.
• Don't forget flooring. "Another trick we used to make the space feel larger," says Gregory De Peña, "is laying tile diagonally from corner to corner." The tactic highlights the condo's longest axis instead of chopping up the floor plan into individual rooms.
• Embrace built-ins. "Growing up, I had cubbies my dad built, and I loved them,"Gregory De Peña says of his design for this side of the room divider, which serves as both a vast headboard and a place to stockpile his architecture books. It also lends the room a clutter-free appearance.

Small Space, Big Ideas

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