Small Space, Big Style's Surprise Closet Home Office

Small Space, Big Style's Surprise Closet Home Office

Gregory Han
Sep 25, 2012

A few weeks back, I got a sneak peek of the CA Home+Design's Hollywood showcase house, Small Space, Big Style, the collective effort of a team of local LA interior designers. Besides the stunning red on grey bathroom, the other delightful surprise was this dapper-dandy gentleman's closet and home office...

Interior designer Brian Patrick Flynn's bedroom is admittedly a little more feminine than the "masculine, classic and preppy" description he's given to CA Home+Design. But as someone who works from a converted closet himself, I was immediately compelled to do this once the second bedroom closet doors were opened to reveal a very usable small home office space just under the collection of a very well-stocked pastel wardrobe.

Brian's mini home office is a perfect example of utilizing often forgotten or ignored space (spare bedroom closet). Instead of packing it full of "stuff", why not consider having it outfitted with a small desk with shelves (and paint it something unexpected).

And to think, once your work is done, it's as easy as reaching up for an outfit to head out for the evening!

(Images: Gregory Han)

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