Small Space Extra Seating: The Wedge

When you have a few extra kiddos over for movie night, seating can be short and it can often times be difficult to see the television without being propped up even a little. Do away with those pesky bean bags and pick up a few wedges instead. They even double as fabulous fort building material as well.

Even if these lounge wedges don't magically fold up to slide under a bed, they do sit nicely together (in pairs even) under a coffee or side table. They're enough of a prop to make any sort of media watching or playing comfortable again. You can find them at Overstock for $41.49 though you could also diy one with foam from the craft store • just watch out for in-store coupons because thick and dense foam isn't inexpensive!

They're a great way to keep the kids on the floor and the sofa reserved for parental snuggle time!


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