Sometimes they're standing far in the background ears perked in curiosity, other times hidden among the pillows on the couch or sheepishly peering around the corner. Occasionally they're relaxing proudly and prominently on our beds: they're our pets. Trying to find all the cats and dogs from this year's contest was like playing a fun four-legged game of Where's Waldo?, our furry friends embodying the axiom, "home is where the heart is". Here are the pets of Small Cool 2013!

First Row
• Tommy's Top of the Hill
• Lisa's Small Space in a Swanky Neighborhood
• Erin's Masterful Multifunctionality
• Xsusha's Creative Thinking
• Hannah's Personal Reflection

Second Row
•  Lauren's Best Solution
•  Kristen's Happily Smaller Digs
* Apologies if I missed your feline or canine; some of them were especially adept at hiding, while others were only there in spirit, while others didn't quite qualify.

(Images: as linked above)