Small Space Gardening: Indoor Hydroponic Planter for Herbs, Flowers, and Produce

Modern Sprout planters are stylish, simple-to-use hydroponic planter boxes that grow organic plant life indoors. Check it out!  

Nick and Sarah of Modern Sprout have developed (with the help of Nick's uncle, a certified Master Gardener) stylish, self-sustaining windowsill planters that are "small enough to fit comfortably in a petite window, but large enough to grow three bountiful plants." Along with the beauty and benefits of indoor plant life, the Modern Sprout planters are able to grow a wide variety of flowers, herbs, and produce, such as lettuce, spinach, and even strawberries. I never thought I'd be eagerly awaiting a hydroponic growing kit, but I'm really excited to try this. 

Check out the following four-minute video and head on over to the Modern Sprout Kickstarter page to help get these planters into production.  

Via: Inhabitat