Small Space Heroes: Super Cool (and Sneaky!) Storage Stairs

Small Space Heroes: Super Cool (and Sneaky!) Storage Stairs

Jennifer Hunter
Sep 17, 2015
(Image credit: Dwell)

Is your staircase working hard enough for you? Besides it's main job (to get you from one floor to another), your stairs could also be putting in some overtime and doing twice the work. Just look at all the ways these folks made their stairs do double duty and solved their storage dilemmas.

Above: Chad and Courtney Ludeman's Philadelphia home was recently featured in Dwell and we couldn't help but notice that smart bike storage! Turns out, this idea is easily copied. Looks like it's simply the right bike hooks in a very smart and unexpected place.

(Image credit: Styleroom)

This hybrid of closet/staircase at Styleroom is such a genius idea, especially when you see that this staircase used to be a humble ladder. No more! These folks created enclosed risers which ALSO happened to create all this storage.

Chris and Damian didn't just want to store their books on these custom under-the-stair shelves, they wanted to highlight them with a stand-out red.

(Image credit: Buj+Colon Architects)

These stairs courtesy of Buj + Colon Architects have storage sure, but also manage to be cute and sculptural at the same time. And all those different compartments seem like they'd be easily customizable depending on what you need.

(Image credit: Houzz)

Wine storage can take up a lot of space so allocate some little-used square footage that you'll never miss like the Osborn residence by zooi design.

A 500 square foot studio needs all the storage help it can get and this East Village space got that help thanks to Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture.

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