Checking out photos from the Drake Hotel Toronto, we noticed some really clever small space ideas in their bedrooms. Modern style, good space planning, and plenty of storage make this a great source of inspiration for studio apartment dwellers.

The hotel was designed by a team that included Toronto-based 3rd Uncle Design. Located in the West Queen West Arts District, it's got a hip, boutique hotel look.

A few details we really love:
• Fold-down tables built into the walls and headboards
• Beside pendant lamps hung from the ceiling (no table space wasted!)
• A long ledge against the wall used as a desk
• Undershelf baskets that hook onto the ledge to store cords and supplies
• Train racks along the wall that hold luggage and hangers
• Library-style ladders to help you reach the high storage spaces
• A bench at the foot of the bed that doubles as living room seating

For more information about the Drake Hotel, visit their site.

Photos: Drake Hotel Toronto