Small Space Lessons: Floorplan & Solutions from Alexa's Paris in Park Slope

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I love poring over the "teeny-tiny" category of Small Cool entries from the past. It's these tiniest of studios that really get inventive when it comes to fitting in all of the comforts of home. Alexa's Paris in Park Slope is no exception: This 335 square foot apartment manages to feel home-like and cozy but not at all crowded.

First up: check out that mirror in the shot up top. It's through that mirror that we get our first glimpse into Alexa's abode, and it makes the entire place just open up. The mirror is over a small dining table situated near the kitchen, which houses a tabletop lamp. The light from the lamp being reflected in the mirror makes things all the more light and bright. We're also loving the vintage-map-turned-large-scale-art. I can't stress this enough: Art in small spaces can be big!

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The sleeping area is divided from the rest of the apartment by a shoji screen, which allows light from the main windows to pass through to the rest of the apartment.

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We love how the bedroom itself uses a long, low bookcase as a bedside table. The case runs parallel to the bed, allowing lots of book storage space without taking up much real estate at all. The top of the bookcase provides plenty of space for a bedside table.

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Finally, I love the vintage cabinet and sink in the kitchen. It really drives home the "Paris in Park Slope" title. The mirrored panels of the cabinet, the small towel rack right at the kitchen faucet, and the hooks hanging under the cabinet are a few small space solutions that stand out. What details do you see in Alexa's apartment that make good use of limited space?

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(Image credits: Alexa)

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