Small Space Lessons: Floorplan & Solutions from Christopher's Colorful and Modern Apartment

What initially caught my eye about Christopher's entry from 2013 Small Cool Contest was how fun it was due to the way he incorporated color, texture and patterns all throughout his teeny tiny apartment. A closer look shows how he deftly arranged and decorated his home in a way that makes the most out of the 350 square feet space.

One of the first things that stands out in Christopher’s space is the way that the gray paint makes the main room feel cohesive and modern. Painting a small space can make the space feel crowded, but Christopher’s choice of gray provides a neutral backdrop for pops of color and patterns throughout the space.

One of my favorite features of this apartment is the way he utilizes the space around the exposed heater. Features like this can be a pain to work around, but he uses it to his advantage:

Instead of concealing this unique feature, I added a piece of Carrara marble on top, and I was able to gain another surface for stacking books and décor pieces that I love.

Using clear acrylic pieces for the nightstand and the coffee table at the end of the bed allows light to move through the room and gives the impression of more space. Christopher took advantage of the snack bar by adding a couple of bar stools and turning it into an eating nook. The location of the sofa next to the bed creates an area where guests can hang out together on the bed and sofa to talk or watch TV.

Christopher was able to use every bit of space without making it feel overcrowded. The large mirror in between the kitchen and closet fits in seamlessly and creates the illusion that the space is bigger than it is. He also used a buffet for a TV console, which provides a surface for his TV but also serves as storage and hides potential clutter.

The personal items really make the difference in this space. By displaying the things he loves, Christopher is able to enjoy his favorite things while making the place feel personal and carefully styled.

(Image credits: Apartment Therapy)