Small Space Lessons: Floorplan & Solutions From Kathryn's Lucky Location

The genius of this 600-square-foot apartment from 2012's Small Cool Contest lies in the nooks: discreet pockets of space carved out to provide just the right spot for a range of activities, without feeling crowded. How did she do it? Let us count the nooks...

Nook #1 Dining Area: Tucked into a corner of the living room, a small table and two chairs are presided over by a large letter E. The space is small but it all fits just right.

Nook #2 Musical Area: Instead of the instruments taking up precious closet space, they are displayed proudly in a corner of the bedroom. Space-saving and majorly beautifying!

Nook #3 Counter Seating: Having two dining options in an apartment this size is an unheard of luxury, but Kathryn pulls it off by sticking two streamlined chairs under the built-in bar. This also provides additional seating for guests, and allows them to be in on the kitchen fun without being in the way in the kitchen.

Nooks #4 & #5 Slim Storage: The wall between the dining area and the kitchen provides just the spot for a low-profile set of shelves to hold essentials and display pretty things. A narrow set of shelves in the living room (image #4) fits perfectly next to the couch.

Nook # 6 Home Office: It's nice to have a little open space around the bed, but that square footage often goes to waste. By installing a leggy, elegant desk and chairs, the space is taken advantage of while a feeling of openness is maintained. The bonus is that once Kathryn is seated at the desk, the amazing view outside the window could make her forget the rest of the room completely.

Looking over Kathryn's floorplan reveals what a remarkable job she's done arranging her home: the apartment is a standard series-of-boxes design that doesn't lend itself to innovation. She was able to get past the restrictions of the floorplan and create exactly the spaces she needed, while making the most of the space!

(Image credits: Apartment Therapy)