Small Space Solution: Kittywalk Closet Sleeper

Small Space Solution: Kittywalk Closet Sleeper

Stephanie Kinnear
Sep 16, 2008

If you don't want an unsightly cat bed sitting out in the middle of your living room, why not put it in your closet? We know our cats would probably like it better that way anyhow!

The Kittywalk Closet Sleeper ($69.95) makes the most of the unused space in your closet -- always a good thing if you're trying to live an organized life in a tiny apartment.

Our cats are already obsessed with hanging out in our closet, so we're imagining that they might love this. It simply hangs from the clothing rod -- with adjustable straps so you can keep it just under the jackets and just above the shoes.

The only problem -- we're not sure if this would mean more or less cat hair on our clothes?

Via ModernCat

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