This week's house call caught our eye because of its tiny nightstand. It's a shelf really, just large enough for a book or a clock or a glass of water (choose one). If you'd like to move one step up from the floor (no pun intended), here are some ideas that might work for you.

  • Sarah's Bright & Tidy Live/Work Space: a shelf on a radiator makes use of an otherwise wasted space
  • Scott's From Brooklyn To Beach Bungalow: The tiny shelf that got us thinking. Clean and minimal. Not for hoarders. With no space for a lamp, you'll need something attached to the wall or that clamps to the headboard.
  • Look! A New Bedroom: An overhead shelf is a solution in a narrow space. Just hang it high enough that you won't bump your head when you sit up.
  • Keegan's Balance of New and Old: If your bed is under a window, the window's ledge naturally doubles as a nightstand. Nice thing about this option? You can cultivate a little greenery.
  • Elodie's Fun Feminine Studio: In a studio, a bookcase that acts as a divider can also hide the night's needs from day view.