Small Space Solutions: 7 Small But Stylish Eating Spots for Tiny Homes

Still need inspiration on how to fit a spot for eating into your small space? We found seven solutions that not only work in small homes, but they're actually quite simple, stylish ideas that anyone could use.

Pictured above: This might be a tiny studio but it's clear that entertaining is important to the folks who dwell within; a tiny table packs a lot of chairs around it, proving that if it's important to you, a dining area can take up as much of your living space as you'd like. Found on Speculaas.

Don't neglect the kitchen counter area that can be turned ultra functional when stools are sidled up for seating. Seen on My Paradissi

Find yourself a drop leaf table, round or square, and butt it up right against a wall to save room. Alvhem via All Day Chic.

In especially small spaces you don't want a big bulky table taking up precious space. As seen in this kitchen, a sleek table sets against a wall to offer a small amount of seating for eating. Via Archdaily.

A low coffee table and floor cushions might not be the most comfortable for long-term sitting, but it's a viable option for a small space. mi casa via Homedit.

Love the idea of installing a folding table (like a Murphy bed) for a small space! Laura Moss for Readymade via Shoe Box Dwelling.

We've featured this idea spotted on offbeat + inspired before, but it's a really cute DIY way to add a simple and small eating area in just about any room you want!

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(Image credits: Speculaas ; My Paradissi; Alvhem via All Day Chic; Archdaily; mi casa via Homedit; Laura Moss for Readymade via Shoe Box Dwelling; offbeat + inspired)