Small Space Solutions: Get Those Closets Under Control

In much the same way that properly fitting underwear is the foundation of any good outfit, a happy, organized closet is the foundation of a happy, organized home. Of course, this can be a bit of a challenge in a small space with correspondingly small closets. If you're struggling with fitting everything into a tiny closet, or even just looking to streamline your storage so that finding your clothes is a more pleasant experience, we've got a few tips for you.

First up, Amelia Meena's Five Top Tips for a More Organized Closet — essential for anyone trying to make the most of a really small closet space.

Fay Wolf's Three Ways to Use Vertical Space are all clever — and the first two would be especially useful in a small closet.

And finally, also from Fay Wolf, a clever way to store T-shirts so you can fit more of them in a drawer AND see everything that you have at one time.

Thanks for watching, and happy organizing!

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(Image credits: Arthur Garcia-Clemente)