Small Space Solutions: Design Tips from New Yorkers

Refinery 29

New Yorkers need both stamina and style. Let's face it: the bottom line is that it costs plenty to live there in relatively skimpy square footage. Residents put up with the size squeeze to live in such an amazing spot and must embrace creative problem solving as a part of any design plan, which eventually turns everyone into a bit of an expert on how to live well, small. They know their stuff.

Refinery 29 interviewed three stylish NYers on how they make it work: Danielle Arps, an Interior Designer, Paul Booth, a Production Manager at the Met and Cleo Davis Urman from Tinker Tailor.

Check out their (great-looking!) small homes and pick up their tips: Refinery 29

(Image credits: Julia Robbs/Refinery 29; Julia Robbs/Refinery 29)