Small Space Storage Classic: Componibili from Kartell

Small Space Storage Classic: Componibili from Kartell

Laure Joliet
Mar 10, 2008

Designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri nearly 40 years ago, the Componibili stacking system looks just as modern today as it did then. And because of its size plus the fact that it's made of plastic, it's perfect for small space storage in the bathroom.

We even remember this stacking system in our grandmother's apartment. She had a white system in the bathroom to hold all kinds of odds and ends: from sponges and cleaning products to all the cool plastic toys she collected and kept stashed....everywhere. Growing up, we thought she just had a thing for plastic, then once we got older and realized there was a whole movement and line of plastic furniture (hello Kartell) we realized she was just really hip.

So, call it nostalgia or just an appreciation for good design, but with this being bathroom month, we'd love to add a red Componibili system to the bathroom decor. Available through DWR and Hive Modern for $160 (for the 3 stacking system).

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