Using mirrors in a small space is a classic strategy for making a room look brighter and feel bigger. There are many terrific examples in this years crop of Small Cool entrants from floor-length mirrors to strategically placed mirrors and even a Murphy Bed with a mirrored underside. Take a look and get inspired!

Row 1
1. Garrett's Everything Everyday
2. Christopher's Non-Negotiables
3. Leslie's Enchanting Sunlight
4. Emily's Brownstone Studio
5. Hadley's Cozy Condo in Boston

Row 2
6. Kin's Minimal Design
7. Jodi's Absolute Favorite
8. Laura's Living Better with Less
9. Chris & Megan's Ceiling Line Cabinets
10. Mary's Maximized & Multifunctional

Row 3
11. Laura's Tiny Duplex
12.Stephanie's Best Year Yet
13. Simone's Shine & Silhouettes
14. Kendal's Vintage Doors
15. Michael's Smart Choices

(Images: as linked above)