Budgeting without Boredom: Small Splurges

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I am thrifty but not a penny pincher: I'm happy to spend a few extra dollars for little things that I know I'll use and appreciate. These small splurges are a great way to treat yourself without causing a dent in your wallet.

I got to thinking about my habits while out shopping this past weekend. I found a bottle of hand soap with a delicious Meyer lemon scent, and in my cart it went.

For me, good-smelling hand soap is my favorite small splurge, because it's less than $10 and is something I will use and enjoy every day. Sure, at $5.99 this bottle cost a little more than the cheap-o stuff I used to have on hand, but considering that I use it every day at my kitchen sink, to me, this small splurge is worth it.

What's your favorite small splurge?

(Image: Kim R. McCormick)

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