Good Questions: Small, Well-Designed Stereo?

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Dear AT:Home Tech,

Can someone suggest a well-designed and simple home stereo, small, high design, decent sound, with a tuner and cd or dvd?

My mother-in-law would like something nice but we're having trouble finding anything.


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Dear Moo,

A quick look at yielded Panasonic's 5-CD, 180 watt Micro System for $149.95. (Picture of system is by the question, above the jump.)

Then we placed a call to Crutchfield, where Bryce was on the ball and showed three possible options to us:

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JVC's UX-EP25, which plays CDs loaded with MP3s or WMA files, and has 45 radio presets.

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Onkyo's CS-V720 comes XM-satellite radio-ready, as well as plays a host of DVD and CD options.

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Denon's S-81 does have quite as many options as Onkyo's, but is still XM-ready, is more powerful and tiny--check out the size compared with the remote.

Our own personal favorite site to drool over is Bang & Olufsen.

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The BeoSound 3200 would be a great option because it also includes the ability to store up to 400 hours of music, and can be customized with your choice of speakers.

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One other B&O option is the BeoSound 1, which allows you to customize the color of the encompassing front to one of 5 choices to match or blend into most decors.

Readers--any suggestions for Moo?

Good luck!
-AT:Home Tech