Have you ever been inside one of those homes where the furniture is gorgeous, everything is high quality, the surfaces shine, but something just feels off? Like it's a show home instead of a real place where someone lives? Small details—personal photos, a few treasured knick knacks, the exact right throw pillows—can quickly bring a home from good to great.

  1. Mismatched chairs add personality to a dining room.
  2. A favorite painting is a good place to begin when you're choosing colors.
  3. Oversized, sculptural vases help to quickly ground a room.
  4. Grouping artwork in a grid makes it read as one unified statement piece.
  5. Vintage bins add easily accessible storage and character to a room.
  6. One brightly colored element enlivens a whole room.
  7. Group books into neat stacks to make a shelf feel instantly organized.
  8. Architectural details—like tiled house numbers—personalize a home.
  9. A piano, a reading nook—whatever your hobby, make a little bit of space for it.
  10. Every home should have a comfortable, hang-out space where pets, kids, or just a little mess are welcome.

For the full tour of each home, click through the links in the captions above.

Photos: Ingrid Jansen, Brian H. Andriola, Matthew Shallenberger, Beth Zeigler, Ronee Saroff, Dana Hughes, Ann Manubay and Dabney Frake, Elizabeth Setterfield, Abby Cook, Alison for Deucecities