Smart Air Conditioner

Luckily we don't work in an office anymore, so we get full climate control of our workspace, but we do remember the office politics around the A/C thermostat. What always happens in large offices with central air is that some people have to work directly under a vent, while others work directly next to a hot window causing a climate controlled civil war.

That's where Hyun Jin Yoon and Eun Hak Lee come in. The two designers, who imagined the Maple Phone, have envisioned an A/C unit to make the masses happy...

The Free Wind, a collaboration with Samsung Art and Design Institute from South Korea, mounts onto the ceiling and features six fans that can control six wind zones. Each fan has 3 wings for horizontal move and 8 wings for vertical movements. A remote control works a bit like an iPhone, using touch sensitivity to change temps.

Free Wind won the Silver International Design Excellence Award 2008. [via Yanko Design]

Photos: Add a Human Touch and Business Week

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