Smart's non-PVC Shower Curtains

Smart's non-PVC Shower Curtains

May 7, 2007

Clean, green, fun.

We recently blogged about the toxic nature of your run-of-the-mill PVC shower curtain.

If you use a shower curtain and retain any fondness for your Schoolhouse Rock days, the products of a company called Smart (simple memory art) will bring a smile to your wet face.

Smart's MO is to "inspire both children and adults to learn and to laugh in unexpected places." Like the bath.

Smart's silkscreened curtains are 100& EVA, and are bedecked with cartoon diagrams from basic science, like a recap of the solar system or the periodic table, to help you soak us some knowledge. The aesthetic is colorful, youthful, cheerful, and at $32 each, you can change the lesson plan every so often.

Available here.

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