Smart & Simple Tip: How To Use a Scanner to Make Wall Mounting Quick & Easy

Most power strips offer wall mounting slots on the back, but lining them up exactly before drilling can prove a sweat-inducing, profanity eliciting task. Here's an easy way to mount a variety of items with pin-point accuracy using a scanner and printer...

All you'll need is a flatbed scanner or access to a scanner at a copy shop. Scan the desired item at 100% size, not set to 'scale to fit' (which obviously limits this technique to smaller household items like powerstrips, clocks, and picture frames). Print out a copy in black and white, and you've now got an exact paper template for precise alignment. Use painter's tape to position the sheet before drilling and you'll never again have to experience "just slightly off" drilled hole headaches while aligning slots, hooks, or catches for wall mounting projects.

(Images: Gregory Han)