Smart Ways to Give Glass Candle Holders a Second Life

Smart Ways to Give Glass Candle Holders a Second Life

Katie Holdefehr
Apr 22, 2017
(Image credit: Gritty Pretty)

After spending $60 (or more...gasp!) on a single candle, it makes sense to enjoy that luxury purchase as long as you can. Even after the candle has been burned, the pretty glass container it came in can still be used to beautify—and maybe even organize—your home. Careful, these brilliant ways to reuse a candle jar may reignite your diptyque obsession.

Above: Gritty Pretty puts a set of Diptyque candle holders to use sorting all of the typical bathroom essentials.

(Image credit: Dwell Beautiful)

Dwell Beautiful turned transparent candle jars into storage for rubber stamps and other crafting supplies. See-through jars work best for this purpose, so you can see at a glance what's stored inside.

(Image credit: Trendenser)

For the most stylish cotton swab holder you're ever seen, recruit a chic glass candle holder for the job, as Trendenser did above.

(Image credit: Kate La Vie)

A pretty glass candle jar fits right in amongst perfume and makeup bottles on a bathroom vanity. Kate La Vie uses her old Jo Malone jar to corral makeup brushes and eyelash curlers.

(Image credit: Bryn Alexandra)

Follow Bryn Alexandra's lead and fill an empty glass candle holder with matches. Attach a strike strip (reuse one from an old matchbox) so you can light a candle without having to search for a lighter.