SMEG Freestanding Dishwasher

SMEG Freestanding Dishwasher

Trent Johnson
Oct 16, 2008

Earlier this summer we introduced you to SMEG's retro and energy efficient refrigerator. Now there's a freestanding dishwasher to match!

While some will question whether dishwashers are green or not, according to Treehugger, "If used properly and maintained, a dishwasher can be more environmentally friendly than hand washing."

On to the SMEG freestanding dishwasher which is one of the greenest dishwashers available. Weighing in at a whisper quiet 42dB rating (very quiet for a dishwasher), it's triple A-rated for energy efficiency. The automatic selections will sense and adjust the amount of water required for the load size. Not to mention, it's a beauty and comes in five different flavors.

From their Web site:

"Smeg's orbital system delivers an enhanced wash, while maintaining low consumption of energy and water, using a contra-action double spray arm with jets that ensure even water distribution with targeted precision. There's Aquatest fuzzy logic for optimum water clarity, an efficient condenser drying mechanism and total Aquastop flood monitoring for added peace of mind."

A few more green tips for dish washing:

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