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Smith & Hawken has jumped the shark. In fact, Paul Hawken, the founder, was one of our inspirations for starting our own business, but since Paul Hawken sold it (it has now has been bought by Scott's) Smith & Hawken has been treading water.

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Readers continue to be divided however. While many see it as having become less interesting and corporate, Smith & Hawken does still fill a real need for garden tools and supplies, and the staff is generally smart and enthusiastic.

Beginning as a shop that sold really high quality English garden tools, Smith & Hawken has grown to capitalize on the romance of the garden, and now sells tools, seeds, plants, clothing, furniture and garden accessories. For urban flowerboxers, Smith & Hawken has a few useful things.

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Quality and prices are generally high and items used to be quite unique. Sale shopping is excellent however and S&H is a good resource for sustainably harvested TEAK.

Dave's Garden has a good thread:
manuretea: Purchasing sale items from Smith and Hawken has left me very disenchanted with their products and service.

cdstar: I feel like coming to the defense fo S&H! I have recently bought outdoor furniture from their web site. ...No complaints. I will continue to order from them.

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