Sneak a Peek at the Apartment Floorplans for HBO's Girls

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We've seen many a powwow, party, and bathtub bonding session in the apartments of HBO's Girls, which leads us to wonder what these spaces really look like from an architectural standpoint... and how realistic are they, considering the characters' lack of steady jobs.

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Despite being a studio, Shoshanna's bachelorette pad is huge, girly glam, and a college student's wet dream. The square footage of the space is probably equal to or bigger than most one-bedrooms.

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Adam's Brooklyn man cave is even bigger, with a separate bedroom, kitchen, living room, work room, and even a home gym that doesn't require moving any furniture around. It seems like a lot of apartment for a single dude, but then again, who knows if he'll be single for long?

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Our favorite, however, has got to be Charlie's super efficient Bed-Stuy studio, a clever space that somehow fits a sleeping nook, lounging loft, dinette, storage cubbies, and built-ins galore within its 12x12 set. This is small space living at its best, with plenty of ideas that can translate to real-world use. (The Los Angeles Times has the scoop on Charlie's studio and the production designer who built it in only four days!)

To see more floorplans and renderings, check out the Girls gallery on Laura Ballinger Design, the official site of the show's production designer.

Via Inhabitat

(Image credits: Laura Ballinger Design)

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