flourishviolet072808.jpgThomas Paul's colorful, uplifting patterned pillows were something of an instant hit - becoming a bit of a current classic for the home. We heard from him today with a sneak peek at his newest designs. They are not yet up on his website, but will be available in September...jump below for images:


Above the Jump: Flourish in Violet

botany072808.jpgBotany in Aqua

perchviolet072808.jpgPerch in Violet

herbariumgrass072808.jpgHerbarium in Grass

greyhoundmocha072808.jpgGreyhound in Mocha

goldfishmandarin072808.jpgGoldfish in Mandarin

birdsnbeesmaize072808.jpgBirds N Bees in Maize

reeflichen072808.jpgReef in Lichen

This is just a sampling of some of our favorites - there are quite a few new designs and muliple colorways. Visit Thomas Paul to see the current collection now and stop back by in September for more info on the new designs.

Thanks, Thomas!