Snodevormgevers' Tree Trunk Line

Snodevormgevers' Tree Trunk Line

Gregory Han
Feb 11, 2009

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Mander Liefting of the design duo, Snodevormgevers (loosely translated as: sly designers), a two person design company from Eindhoven, Netherlands emailed us thinking we were a store or gallery (this happens as much as being contacted about TrafficMaster Allure flooring inquiries). Despite the miscommunication, we thought their line of folded steel plate stools and fireplaces inspired by tree trunks were an eyecatching line worth sharing...check them out below.

We made a series of products ,these products are: Tree trunk stools, a Tree trunk liquor cabinet and a Tree trunk fireplace. All products are made from steel plate and get their shape by a self developed folding process. This folding process gives each item it's own unique shape. At the moment we are producing the stools and the fireplace at our own workshop.

Check out the "sly designers" at their website

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