Though most of the winter holidays have ended, winter itself is just getting started. The cold, fog, rain, and snow will be with us for awhile (and as I recall from growing up in Chicago, a while), so please let me present several works of art that celebrate the beauty of winter while we struggle with the reality…

  • I was lucky enough to see Sarah McNeil's show at Rare Device last year — it was enchanting. Her print Trying To Be Happy A Lot Of The Time is available from Little Paper Planes, and is as charming as all of her work.
  • The Burrowing Animals print by Banquet Atelier is chock-full of animals who...wait a minute- these are burrowing animals, not hibernating animals. Burrowing just sounds so cozy, I assumed. Nevermind! (It's still pretty cool, though.)
  • Wolfie & The Sneak are on a hard-earned vacation, but their Winter Farmers' Market Print is available through Little Paper Planes. I especially love the Swiss chard.
  • I've been moved by Rachel Sumpter's work for years, but most of it is out of my price range. Treat yourself to a little window shopping over at Richard Heller Gallery — many of her paintings are sold, but this wintery Northern Pass is still available.
  • Clair Nereim's Winter Fruit poster makes me realize how lucky I am to have this time in California. You don't get a lot of winter fruit in Illinois...
  • Winter anywhere would be a lot easier to deal with if I could spend the season dressed as a snow queen, as Cynthia Balfour was captured rehearsing "Fire Vanquished by Snow". Prints of this 1955 photo (one of a set of two) are sold in various sizes by 20x200.
  • Finally, if I don't happen upon an icicle tiara at a thrift store, I'll just keep growing my hair out until it's long enough to wrap around me (and of course, my polar bear), like the rosy-cheeked girl in this print by Irena Sophia.

(Images: As credited above.)