Modern Chairs, Dollhouse Twist

Modern Chairs, Dollhouse Twist

Jun 1, 2007

So what is in your kid's doll house? While the translation is iffy, the execution is stellar on these 1/12 reproductions of great moments in modern furniture. The detail is astonishing - from the moving parts of the recliner to the removable cushions on the Barcelona chair, each piece is a miniature work of art. Check out the rest, below.

We bet some of these look familiar! It is hard to believe that these are all miniature versions of the real thing.

Oh, who are we trying to kid? We want these to play with ourselves!

All the sets can be found here, and range in price from about 4,500 yen to 6,000 yen. Maybe it is time to upgrade Barbie's dream house from Pinktacular and Plastic to Hot MidCentury Modern.

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