SodaStream Fizz

SodaStream Fizz

Joelle Alcaidinho
Sep 12, 2011

Product: SodaStream Fizz
Price: $149.99
Rating: Strong Recommend*

After reading our colleague's review of the SodaStream Pure and seeing the SodaStream machines in action at an Earth Day event, we knew we had to get our hands on the SodaStream Fizz. With a new LCD display, the rather low-tech SodaStream machine gets a bit of a tech upgrade which is very useful in creating the absolutely perfect to your taste, fizzy drinks.

After unpacking the Fizz which SodaStream sent for us to run through its paces, we were surprised at how uncomplicated the machine was to set up. We're not sure what we were expecting, but it is really really simple. Unscrew the C02 canister, screw it into the back of the Fizz, and voila you're ready to start making fizzy drinks.

The C02 carbonator is rated to make 60 or 110 liters, the equivalent of anywhere between 170-310 cans of fizzy drinks, of course this depends on exactly how much fizz you use during each drink making session. While in some households it might take half a year to run through one canister, our super fizzy sparkling water household started running low after a few months. As mentioned in the review of the Pure, these C02 carbonator canisters can be recycled by sending them directly to SodaStream, who will send pre-paid return boxes for delivery, where canisters in good condition are cleaned, refilled and reused. An exchange for two units costs $29.95.

Compared to some of the other appliances in our kitchen, the Fizz is a bit big. Thankfully though the Fizz does not require any power which made it easier to find a home for it in our kitchen. The Fizz is easy to move around the kitchen because it is very light. The lack of heft in the unit is due to it being made out of plastic, which also makes it stand out among our stainless and glass appliances. Unlike some of the other SodaStr