Nomade Express Sofa Bed by Ligne Roset

Sofa Sleeper of the Week

The Nomade Express sofa sleeper is the most popular sofa bed in the Ligne Roset collection — it's a simple and classic design that delivers comfort as both a bed and a sofa.

The look of the Nomade Express is definitively futon-esque — it is the high quality of materials, craftmanship and smooth transitioning parts that set it apart (that, and about $4,000).

The transition process is fairly intuitive and the most difficult aspect is flipping the mattress. There are zippers to hold the mattress/cushion in place — but we found them to be rather tedious to use.

So what sets the Nomade Express apart? Comfort and the hundreds of upholstery options available from Ligne Roset — plus with proper care, this should last a long, long time.

Upholstery covers can be removed for dry cleaning (including the cotton cover on the reverse side of the mattress/cushion).

PRICE from $4,150 (lumbar pillows are extra)
DESIGNER Didier Gomez
DIMENSIONS 37.5"H x 80"W x 43.25"D Mattress height 16.5''

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