Anthropomorphically speaking (I've always wanted to say that), sofas are the best buddies of the furniture world. The true blue friend, the confidante, the one you can call, crying, at 2 am. The one that will always welcome you with open arms. They do a lot for us, our sofas, so why not choose a bright, cheerful sofa that looks as good as it makes you feel?

Check out these lovely light-colored sofas if you're looking to add some insta-cheer to your living room.

Top Row:
1. Maxine Sofa in gold from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
2. Eskayel Roman Ram Sofa, kaleidescope pattern, from ABC Carpet & Home
3. Chloe Sofa in pink from Windsor Smith
4. Chloe Fabric Velvet Metro Living Sofa in "Seafoam" from Macy's
5. Petrie Apartment Sofa in "Tranquil" from Crate & Barrel

Bottom Row:
6. Sutton Sofette in "Variegated Stripe, Graphite" from West Elm
7. Nixon Sofa in "Klein Sunny" from Thrive
8. Harnosand Sofa & Chaise Lounge in light pink from IKEA
9. Murphy Sofa in "Apple" from Room & Board
10. Baxter Sofa in "Tangiers Sand" from Jonathan Adler

(Images: as linked)