Soft-Map Blanket

I absolutely love my South Philly neighborhood (no matter what anyone says!) and I'd love to have all of my favorite blocks depicted on a soft and chic Soft-Map Blanket. The artist hales from Brooklyn and specializes in those neighborhoods, but luckily, she's willing to customize her blankets to match your favorite neighborhood.

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Each Soft-Map Blanket can be uniquely customized- ranging from having your house/apartment detailed on the blanket, or where your child goes to school. I personally love the idea of where you and your significant other first met (I'd get a giant star where the 18th & Walnut St. entrance to Rittenhouse is). The makers of Soft-Map Blankets include the hand stitching of street names, compass rose and scale marker on each blanket.

Most Soft-Maps are made with dupioni silk and with an inner layer made from organic cotton. I love the texture and look that comes with raw silk; even though it does need to be dry cleaned.