Solar Decathlon: Darmstadt, Germany

Solar Decathlon: Darmstadt, Germany

Regina Yunghans
Nov 5, 2007

On the National Mall in Washington D.C., the Solar Decathlon took place in October. The competition was between 20 universities worldwide for the best solar house design. The winners?...

...The University of Technology from Darmstadt, Germany. The team designed a solar house covered in solar panel blinds that adjust their angle with the angle of the sun. The interior of their house was particularly outstanding:

The house's design emphasized pure space, without traditional furnishings interrupting the space. So, check out this bed that stows away in the floor when not in use:

Cavities like this were incorporated throughout the design for storage, chairs and tables and the bed. The result is an open space that looks big even when it's not. We loved the wall material in the bathroom below. It's a colored acrylic that's installed on a hidden stainess steel frame:

And the kitchen itself teaches lessons in space saving and green efficiency. The appliances are all undercounter, except for the oven, which is mounted at upper cabinet height. It opens from the bottom, allowing all the hot air to stay in the oven when you open it up:

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