Solar Power for Apartment Dwellers

Solar Power for Apartment Dwellers

Mar 16, 2009

When we think of solar panels, two words come to mind. Big and expensive. Picture rooftops covered in black tiles or more innovative solar powered air conditioners. While most people would jump at the chance to incorporate solar power into their daily lives, if the big part doesn't get you, the second word quickly does. Expensive. So what other options are there?

Start up Veranda Solar is looking to give you a new option. Apartment dwellers with windows that get lots of sun will definitely like what is on offer here. Installation is described as needing only a screwdriver, a few hours and zero solar specialists. If you can scrape together $600 to get your hands on the first panel it doesn't have to stop there. The system is expandable so if you find that you need more juice, and have the space for more panels, you can grow your system as it suits you. Not bad at all.

-via Treehugger

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