Solid Poetry: Hypercolor Concrete

Remember back in grade school when hypercolor t shirts were all the rage? Man, I wanted one so badly. All it took was body heat and the color of the shirt would change (a little gross after recess when the whole top half of the shirt was a different color). Well, the same basic idea applies to a new kind of concrete, except it's way way cooler:

Solid Poetry is a new kind of concrete that reveals a pattern once it gets wet. Dry, it looks like regular concrete (just like a regular hypercolor tee) but wet, a flower pattern emerges and then disappears again as it dries. The concept was a graduate school project from Frederik Molenschot and Susanne Happle in the Netherlands (where it rains all the time). We've inquired as to cost and availablilty but haven't heard back quite yet. We'll keep you posted. See more info on their site.